Real Estate Services

Even if Thailand places restrictions on foreigners when it comes to owning land, the investment in the real estate sector is constantly increasing. Antares’ experienced lawyers and tax specialists are able to give you practical advice on complex real estate projects and help you successfully complete the most challenging deals, while minimizing your tax implications.

Property Law

Through over 15 years of practice experience, Antares has become one of the leading law firms specialized in property law. Our professionals can provide a full range of legal services for the property conveyance, either for residential or commercial purpose. We handle everything from legal due diligence and acquisition of the legal ownership to applying for the related licenses and issuing the house registration book.

We can give you the proper legal vehicle in which to acquire the property ownership that meets your requirement. Our tax specialists will be able to give you the practical advice in order to minimize your tax implication on the investment property.

Condominium Purchase

Thailand has restrictions on foreigners when it comes to owning land. However, a foreigner is entitled to acquire the freehold title of a condominium unit upon some conditions. Foreigners may own up 49% of the total units of building at any time. If the foreign freehold ownership has reached this limit, the remaining units may only be leased to foreigners under a lease agreement.

There is a misunderstanding on how to inherit the unit title to the heir. Although your heir has acquired the unit title by way of success, they are required to transfer the non-Thai currency from overseas in order to support the registration of the unit ownership transfer.

Investing in property may also allow you to get the proper visa to stay in Thailand if you have continued ownership of the unit for more than three consecutive years. More details are always available upon request.

Land Due Diligence

Before purchasing real estate in Thailand, it is necessary to conduct a legal due diligence.
The examination shall cover the bankruptcy status of the seller, public road access, entitlement of the seller to enter into the contract and the register details of the target property.

For a development project, the due diligence report could extend to the examination of the land use restriction such as the construction of hotel, condominium and etc.

Transfer of Ownership

Under Thai law, the ownership transfer of immovable property and some kinds of movable property shall be complete only upon registration. Your property may not be yours if your name is not shown in the public record.
Antares can assist you in making sure that you have the ultimate legal ownership on your property.

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