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Antares prides itself on being a boutique law firm that has the time and manpower to provide legal advice across wide variety of practice areas. Our multicultural team of lawyers is ready to assist you with all your legal needs, helping you navigate the legal landscape in Thailand where language and cultural differences can present a barrier while making sure you understand all legal consequences, rights, and laws.

Corporate Law

The commercial environment these days is quite competitive. Therefore, getting a sound legal advice from a competent legal specialists is the key to make well-thought business decisions. Antares can assist you with all your corporate legal needs when conducting business in Thailand. We are proud to offer a full range of legal services to corporate clients, including:

• Business counseling
• Restructuring
• Rescheduling of debts
• Recovery of credits
• Organization of business entities
• Bankruptcy and creditors’ rights

As a client of Antares, you can count on the specialised support of our legal specialists.

Immigration Law

Other than those in transit and citizens of certain countries, all persons are required to obtain a visa in order to enter in Thailand whatever their purpose may be (traveling, working, studying or simple retire in Thailand).

Furthermore, a foreign must obtain a valid work permit and the correct visa if he wants to work in Thailand. Failure to comply with these strict requirements may lead to severe sanctions such fines or even deportation.

The details of the Thai immigration laws and tax laws can be complex and sifting through them can be a meticulous job.
As a result of years of practical experience, Antares’ professional immigration lawyer and consultants can provide high-quality  and cost-effective legal advice in a timely manner. We assist foreign individuals and overseas companies to comply with all visa and work permit requirements to legally operate businesses in Thailand.

Labour Law

Clients regularly ask about the general aspects of labour law. Compared to other Southeast Asian countries, labour law in Thailand is highly developed and in many cases ends in the employee’s favor.

Antares can assist you with all the legal facets of employment, ensuring that you are in compliance with the provisions and regulations of Thailand’s Labour Protection Act.
We will represent you whether you are the employer or the employee and advise you in all aspects of the employment relationship. Well-versed in the complexities of the present-day workforce, Antares’ lawyers deliver practical and tailored legal advice to all the issues that might arise.

Family Law

At Antares, our lawyers are well-versed in family law in Thailand. We believe that through solid communication navigating your family’s legal needs can be done in a seamless way.
We provide legal advice and assistance across a wide-range of family matters, including:

• Prenuptial agreement and enforcement
• Marriage Registration
• Child Adoption
• Child Custody and Support
• Divorce
• Marital Property and Estates
• Paternity Registration

You can trust that your family matters will be handled with urgency and confidentiality.

Last Wills and Testaments

It is highly recommended that you have a Last Will and Testament prepared for both your home country and Thailand. It’s important to plan in advance so your affairs are in order in the case of your passing. A Last Will and Testament will help relieve any additional stress to your family during this time.

As a foreigner, you may already have a Will drafted in your home country. However, in the unfortunate event of your passing in Thailand, it could become problematic in dealing with your Thai assets due to translations and government bodies. To avoid stress and confusion, we recommend having a Thai Will drafted for your assets in Thailand.

Antares’ professional lawyers can help you draft and complete a Last Will and Testament, listing in detail your assets in Thailand, such as property, bank accounts, vehicles and personal items.


Over the last few years in Thailand, foreign business transactions have rapidly risen, increasing the likelihood of litigations. Although Thais are known to be non-litigious, the rise of foreign residents has tampered and increased the judicial system activity. Foreigners are advised to always secure the services of a law firm in Thailand when faced with legal controversy in the country.

Disputes happen in business and whenever your business finds itself in a dispute, Antares can represent you through the whole process. We represented a myriad of clients and you will be in experienced hands from negotiation to court litigation.

Antares experienced litigators can assist you with the following matters:

• Disputes between vendors and customers
• Consumer Protection Law
• Breach of warranties and covenants related to acquisitions of businesses and properties
• Requests and Objections of Motions for Injunctions
• Business contracts and commercial disputes
• Creditor’s rights litigation including bankruptcy and adversary proceedings

Our goal is to help our clients resolve disputes and legal controversy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our multilingual lawyers can use their intercultural communication skills to provide clear and effective legal advice and dispute resolution.

Contract Drafting & Negotiations

All of our attorneys specialise in handling transactions. It’s always recommended to have a written contract developed and ready for all parties to sign. At Antares, our experienced lawyers can assist you with any contract or agreement that needs to be drafted, revised or reviewed, both in Thai and English. We make sure that all terms and conditions are in compliance with the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, as well as any relevant legislation.

Negotiations can lead to a lot of pressure and confusion. Let us navigate this important process for you as our lawyers possess the expertise and experience to handle such situations with ease.

Notarial Services

A Notary Public is an official who is licensed to perform actions such as authenticating signatures or documents, witnessing persons under oath, or notarising documents. Notarisation promises authenticity of documents and signatures.

In Thailand, there are no notary publics and notary services and functions are carried out only by the lawyers that pass a professional notarial training course, called Notarial Services Attorneys. The Lawyers Council of Thailand monitors and oversees the notarial practices of the country.

All of our Certified Notarial Attorneys at Antares can perform the following services:

• Verification of the authenticity of signatures in a document
• Administration of oaths and affirmations
• Be a witness in cases that deem necessary
• Recognition and certification of documents
• Confirmation of the identity of parties to an agreement

Contact us now with your request and supporting document(s). Our notarial services are available in a convenient and prompt manner to assist you for all your notarial needs.

If you find yourself in need of any legal assistance,
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